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Originally Posted by Enrique View Post
This is really a nice thread. Glad to have read it. This is, among Beethoven's symphonies, that prefered by the forum creator, if I do not remember wrong. For me, it is one of the most dynamic he wrote, taking appart the third 1s movement and the fifth 1st movement too. And the nice, soft way the first movement ends, is as an exception for a 1st movement coda, I believe among well known composers
Yes this soft ending of the 1st movt was quite original, but there are later examples - the first 3 of Brahms' symphonies have a soft ending to the first movt. I can't think off hand of earlier examples but for the last movement Haydn has soft endings for only two of his symphonies, 'La Chasse' and 'the Farewell'.
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