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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Yes - thanks also! A fascinating lecture!
I enjoyed it. You can go through a score and find a lot of these things yourself but it's so much easier when somebody can demonstrate what he/she means on the keyboard. And many of the other lectures on the net about this subject, as well as sonata form etc., are part of online courses available; ergo, somewhat elementary and often not all that well presented. One man has his mobile phone go off during his own lecture from Yale!! ('There are things up with which we will not put', as Winston Churchill once said.)

I liked this lecture very much where Provost Cecil Lytle says Beethoven was very much influenced by CPE Bach and his Prussian Sonatas. I've been listening to some of those Prussian Sonatas since (and they were completely unknown to me!). Quality not so good; tut mir leid!!

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